What Is a Human Gathering Cult? Basic Conception

Human gathering cult or sect is a particular community that has its own unorthodox beliefs to force members to follow the words of a charismatic leader. A cult is a group that has built up its principles to brainwash members of this community. They are compelled to think about what their spiritual leader orders. So, the cult members are not independent but the top leader of the sect manipulates them. They have separate cultures, beliefs, and conventional legacies that do not match religious convictions. 

What Is a Human Gathering Cult?

Human gathering cult is an organization that selects members with the same like-minded people. They believe that the charismatic leader is their god. He is superior to guide them for final salvation. Due to such stubbornness, many critics consider the cult as an extremist group with jingoism. 

What Is the Difference between Cult and Religion?

A cult is a sect that enhances the indoctrination to influence people for a particular cause. The Charismatic leader is considered to be the mentor to guide them for the fulfillment of their dreams. Religion is more flexible, and resilient in the broader sense of the term. Religious communities serve God and they have the mission to transform their lives by humanizing souls.

They do not impose bans on others to abide by their beliefs. They can practice their rituals and rites in public without damaging one’s sentiments. Cult and Religion are liberal and frank in sharing experiences with their other members belonging to different religious backgrounds. 

How to Define the Purpose of Human Gathering Cult?

Human gathering cult has a social presence with its separate entity which does not resemble the religious concepts. In short, the social group or cult is basically under the control of a top charismatic mentor who influences his disciples strongly by prioritizing his theories. He instills new thoughts and beliefs into the minds of cult members who are not allowed to think independently. Many extremist groups are recognized as cults with unorthodox ideologies. 

When Was the Human Gathering Cult Formed?

Human Gathering Cult

The human gathering cult was born in the late 20th Century. The pioneer of this cult group is Gabriel Marlowe. Initially, the primary goals of the cult were to inspire cult members to pay attention to personal achievement, community resilience, and spiritual sublimity. Later, cult members had to encounter criticism and caustic remarks due to their involvement with mass suicide, child abuse, and exploitation. 

Negative Impact of Human Gathering Cult

Excessive possessiveness leads the cult members to the extreme corners without coming back. They are forced to do what the cult leader or charismatic mentor wants. They have no freedom of speech and right to expression. This type of submissiveness to the particular cult beliefs snowballs into the formation of exploitation machinery. The education does not change the attitude of the cult members as they are committed to abiding by the principles of the charismatic leader. 

What Are Characteristics of Human Gathering Cult?

Human gathering cult suffers from the isolation from the mainstream of the society. This practice of indoctrination drives a wedge to isolate the particular sect or cult from people performing various religious functions. One of the characteristics of such social groups is the employment of a charismatic leader for supervision.

He thinks that he is superior in manipulating the group to obtain the holistic beam. He is the man of supreme power to reshape the lives of cult members. His Godfather-like attitude enchants his followers to value the principles of the charismatic leader

Direct Physical and Psychological Manipulations 

The cult leaders have the basic instincts of dominating followers by hook or by crook. They control the brain, emotions, and thoughts of disciples of the cult community. Therefore, his comrades are not found raising concerns against the supreme authority. Often information delivery system is broken or distorted by the head of the cult to keep his followers under his feet. 

Financial Dependency 

Cult members are indebted to the charismatic leader for community development and growth. If required, they have to pay donations to finance different projects run by the cult groups. There is no way to earn money independently to live according to their choices. These members are accountable to their charismatic mentors to expand. These donations are not refundable or reimbursed. In reality, the charismatic leader possesses the financial wealth for his earthly comfort and self-interest. 

No Contradiction

The cult organization runs on unorthodox thoughts. The tectonic of one-sided beliefs collide with liberal thoughts. While staying in the cult community, associates may have contradictions and confrontations. Perhaps they have different views that go against the established force of the cult. In that case, there can be the possibility of dissonance in the harmony. The cult members are tuned up to think the same and execute orders without changing the stream.

If they are confused, they must opt for a consultation with the cult leader to fix up their purposes. They must have uniformity to remove the contradiction. All cult members are streamlined for a single objective without derailment from the specific ideology of the cult. 

Different Case Studies 

Heaven’s Gate was a typical cult organization that was founded by Bonnie Nettles and Marshall Applewhite in 1997. This American cult developed a fictitious idea about the extraterrestrial existence or UFO outside the Earth. The theory of this cult was to reach Heaven to meet the unidentified members.

These spiritualized members are supernatural to defeat humans. Therefore, to get the power, they decided to sacrifice their valuable lives to enter Heaven which is the place for UFOs and citizens of another planet. In 1997, 39 cult members were found dead. They experimented by committing suicide. 

The Massacre in Jonestown 

Another tragic holocaust took place in Guyana. Jim Jones, a cruel charismatic leader, decided to shift his cult temple from Indianapolis to Guyana to fulfill his dream. He established the Peoples Temple Agricultural Project which resulted in the assassination of 900 cult members brutally. To merge socialism and communism to form a rare theology, he killed 900 innocent cult members by administering shots of cyanide poison.

It was a cruel mass suicide to cripple people. Jim Jones had unconditional faith in the doctrines of Stalin, Lenin, and Hitler. His demonic attitude created a massacre by claiming 900 cult associates who were children, innocent fathers, and highly educated teachers. 

Aftermath Effect of Human Gathering Cult 

Human Gathering Cult

The side effects of the formation of such a human gathering cult are not productive. Within the cult framework, members suffered from depression and a sense of guilt. They are guilty of forcing their countrymen to commit suicide. Human Gathering Cult has to work under a charismatic leader. They killed many children and women who were forcefully given drugs containing poison.

The negative results include psychological discordance, low energy levels, stress, and inferiority complexities. They are not able to be sociable to mix with gentlemen who have broad mindsets. Slowly, they backtracked to become isolated from the mainstream of the society. 

Perished under Wheels of Exploitation

Cult organizations have no positive vision. They are extremists to replace the government by showcasing muscle power. Many cults exploited humans ruthlessly. Jonestown massacre is an example to warn people. 

Expansion of Communal Force 

The extremism in thoughts for personal gains in the cults enhances the faster expansion of communal force to lower the values of humans. They are self-opinionated members who do not accept the innovation in the society. They are the originators of dictatorships torturing humans recklessly. Their doctrines are not progressive to help people find salvation in the long run. 


The objectives of cult members are not transparent. Due to the inability to scan facts for truth-finding, they are not independent and liberal. They should be educated on how to discard indoctrination and orthodox beliefs by analyzing the facts scientifically. They need more consultation, mentorship, and practical guidance to refine their thought-generative systems. 

Last but not least, the government should not be inactive to overlook the problems faced by cult members. The government should bring more new mechanisms to control these sects and cults. People must be open to discussing and analyzing the movement of cults. The scanners must detect the follies and loopholes of the cult members whose ideologies are destructive to society. 

More Awareness among Children 

In schools and colleges, social awareness and human consciousness programs should be hosted to prevent the negative side effects of cults. Children must have better ideas about religion and the vision to find enlightenment. Through the mechanisms of exploitation and barbaric torturing, none is successful in building up a growth-oriented society.

Exposure to indoctrination and racial profiling should not thrive. Children should be conscious of the danger of the practice of indoctrinating and brainwashing cult members. They should be united to slow down the process of the holocaust movement. 

Future of Human Gathering Cult 

Though a human gathering cult has come into existence for the development of community and personal growth, the overall impact is not innovative. Previous retrospections of mass suicide defy the authenticity of such indoctrination. To enhance sustainable growth and existence, cult members must modify the objectives. They should acquire more technologies to do thought scanning to evaluate their purposes.

They must motivate the young generation to join the cult members for the betterment of society ignoring their self-interests. Humans should be open-minded and philanthropic to change the course of living through the acceptance of innovation. 


Human gathering cult practices spiritual wellness for community reinforcement. Cult members are directed to develop their talent to be successful in their practical fields. However, charismatic leaders of the cults have different beliefs of imperialism and dictatorship to start the holocaust. Human exploitation is the tool for them to set up a regime of barbarism.

To enhance fairness in the cults, new members should be humanistic, kind-hearted, and innovative to remodel society for faster growth in the spheres of technology, economy, and spiritual wellness. 


Q: What is a cult?

A: Cult is a sector association that emphasizes self-interest, community growth, and spiritual wellness.

Q: Is cult the same as religion?

A: Religion is broader with the expansion of its reach to educate humans for attaining spiritual sublimity. A cult is formed for personal interest.

Q: What are the features of a cult?

A: Features of a cult include dictatorship under a charismatic leader, community growth, and indoctrination.

Q: Who is the founder of cult society?

A: Gabriel Marlowe is the founder of the cult society.

Q: What is the objective of a cult?

A: A cult is formed with unorthodox beliefs for self-discovery and spiritual wellness.

Q: Why is cult not popular?

A: Cult is a devastating form of indoctrination by forces members to do what charismatic leaders want to do.

Q: Is cult a fiction?

A: Cults were formed and run by many charismatic leaders like Jim Jones.

Q: What is the prospect of a cult?

A: To keep alive, cult members must be educated with the consciousness of innovation in thoughts. They must listen to the voices of people.

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