Short Interesting Bio of Jeanette Adair Bradshaw

Jeanette Adair Bradshaw is an elite ex-wife of Freeman Morgan, the famous American actor. She married this celeb after five years long dating. She remains a typical character because she did not come to the media after the separation from Morgan. If she lives, she is 80 years old. This article tells about the background of Jeanette and her ex-husband Morgan. 

Who is Jeanette Adair Bradshaw?

Jeanette Adair Bradshaw is the wife of a famous American artist. She settled with Morgan way back in 1967. Jeanette Adair Bradshaw was not single when she dated Morgan. She had a child by her first husband. Later, she accepted Morgan as her life partner for dating, and then the relationship turned into marriage. 

About Birth Details of Jeanette Adair Bradshaw

Jeanette Adair Bradshaw was born in 1940 approximately. There is no evidence about Jeanette Adair Bradshaw birthday. She is an Afro-American. She met Morgan in 1960. Jeanette Adair Bradshaw had a kid with her ex-boyfriend whom she did not marry. Her first relationship ended soon without being married. Morgan served the American defense when he took the chance to come into contact with this maverick lady. She was then 20 years old. Jeanette and Morgan became friends to started dating. Everything happened fine and they took the bold decision of being united legally.

Complicated Matrix of Relationship 

Jeanette Adair Bradshaw has a complicated matrix of relationships. Before wedding Freeman Morgan, she dated another guy. She did not disclose his name as she was not ready to spend her life with him longer. However, her short-lived relationship with her ex-boyfriend gifted her a child named Deena. She left her former partner and then chose Morgan.

This current relationship was sweet and strong enough to give her another chance to become a mother. She gave birth to Morgana fathered by Freeman. After the legal marriage, Freeman adopted Deena as his heir. He is the stepfather of Deena. 

About Deena

Deena was a sweet girl who grew up under parental love and care. Though Morgan regretted the legal adoption of Deena, she never faced the problem of growing up. After schooling, she became a beautician and later she started her career as a professional make-up artist in Hollywood. She earned accolades and rewards. She showed her best performance in Oblivion, Chain Reaction, and Ben-Hur movies. Deena also worked in TV shows as a talented make-up artist. 

Deena is married with a daughter named E’dena Hines. She is a simple make-up artist and she struggles to earn money. She has a tragic story as she can’t raise her kid comfortably due to the financial problem. After hesitation, she decided to hand over her kid to Morgan and his second wife for a better lifestyle. God knows where Jeanette has gone. 


Full name                           Jeanette Adair Bradshaw
Gender   Female
Born 1940s 
Age    80s (as of 2024) 
Place of birth                    The USA
Nationality    American 
Ethnicity   African-American 
Religion     Christianity 
Hair colour                         Black 
Eye colour                          Dark brown
Marital status                  Divorced
Ex-husband                      Morgan Freeman 
Children   Two 

Romance in Adversity

The first meeting with Jeanette was not cool for Morgan. He was not well-established. He struggled to build up his career through hurdles. The severest obstruction was the shortage of funds. He joined the military but he did not earn a handsome salary. During this tormented situation, he came to find Jeanette in 1960. She revealed her desire to date him.

Slowly they were able to come close together to start a new life. She told him that she had a kid with her ex-partner. It was not her legal marriage. He left her in a pitiable condition. Morgan decided to take her baby legally. She and Morgan went to the Church to exchange an engagement ring. It was a mysterious romantic journey. 

Family History

Jeanette and Morgan lived happily after the wedding. They had an issue to solve. Deena is the daughter of Jeanette who brought up the kid. Morgan had to sign up the legal papers to get parenthood rights over Deena. Morgana Freeman is the only biological daughter of Freeman. Morgana never came to social media and other media platforms. She was tracked only to join the premier of Oblivion dating back in 2013. To learn more, you should check reviews on Jeanette Adair Bradshaw children.


Here, the complexity appeared to make you puzzled. Freeman fathered Alfonso Rene Freeman after a short date with Loletha Polk Adkins. Alfonso emulated the lifestyle of his dad. He acted in movies like The Shawshank Redemption. Saifoulaye Freeman is considered to be the third child whom he achieved through dating a stranger. He did not mention the name of this woman. Deena is the adopted daughter. 

Tragic End 

Misfortune does not come to knock at your door notifying you early. It is unpredictable and uncertain when it happens. The same story took place to warn Morgan and his family from untold mishaps. The separation from Jeanette is painful for Morgan. However, they took their destiny as it was. Deena is the adopted daughter of Freeman who accepted her as the legal descendant. The tragedy does not backtrack but comes forward to dishearten Deena. Her elder daughter named E’dena Hines succumbed to injury.

She was killed by her ex-boyfriend. The allegation is that she has been involved with Morgan physically. Morgan took Deena’s elder daughter legally to raise her. Deena was not capable of taking custody of her elder daughter due to financial problems. E’dena Hines grew up under the care of Morgan and his second wife. The boyfriend claimed that she enjoyed matting with Freeman. The allegation is baseless without any evidence. Under rage, he stabbed Hines to death. 

Legal Prosecution

The ex-boyfriend of Hines was caught and sent to the detention center. He was later accused of murdering his girlfriend. He got 25 years of life imprisonment for such a heinous crime. The family members and friends were shocked to hear the bad news of the death of Hines. 

Why Was Deena Mournful?

Deena did not take care of her children. She was an ordinary make-up artist with limited financial resources. She had to do hard work to earn money. For her, it was a difficult matter to give better food, clothes, and schooling to her kid. However, she regretted handing over her child to Morgan. He was not satisfied to take the step-granddaughter. Earlier, he thought of how to adopt the stepchild of Jeanette. Deena is the adopted daughter who has no biological father. 

Morgan used his identity to recognize her as the legal daughter. However, in the ending part, the situation became awkward going out of hand. Morgan was accused of building up a sexual relationship with Deena’s daughter Hines. Deena did not admit this hard reality. Nor was she ready to forgive Freeman. She tried to get out of the cumbersome situation. 

Jeanette Adair Bradshaw Now

Myrna is the second of Freeman whose 25 years old marriage life ended in legal separation. Meanwhile, the audience wants to know about Jeanette Adair Bradshaw now. Where is she at present? None is aware of the whereabouts of Jeanette. She was last seen to join the funeral function to commemorate the dead soul of Hines. She did not stay longer at the condolence party. 

Jeanette Adair Bradshaw Age

The reliable source claims that Jeanette Adair Bradshaw age is 80 if she came to the earth in 1940.

Jeanette Adair Bradshaw’s Net Worth

Jeanette Adair Bradshaw is not a professional actress. She is considered to be a true homemaker to raise her children. However, she inherited property just after a legal settlement with Morgan. She has got the compensation money for life maintenance after the divorce. She is the owner of 1 to 2 million dollars. Morgan is a famous actor and he earned a lot of funds. He has shown his humanity and love by adopting Deena and Hines. Later Morgan left Jeanette and again dated Myrna. It is also a troublesome affair as Myrna asked for separation to live alone. 


Jeanette Adair is known for her dating relationship with Morgan Freeman. He was an American actor with a lot of financial assets. Though they were intimate to valued each other, the love was not stable for them. They were separated. The family history of Jeanette reveals the hardest reality about the untimely death of Deena’s elder daughter. Freeman’s infidelity and sexual perversion caused the break in the relationship. Jeanette Adair remains silent lurking in darkness behind the curtain. She is not seen in public after the death of Hines. 


Q: Who is Jeanette Adair?

A: Jeanette Adair is the legal wife of Freeman?

Q: Who Is Freeman?

A: Freeman is the American actor who married Jeanette.

Q: What is the reason for legal separation from Jeanette?

A: The infidelity and sexual abuse are reasons for Jeanette’s divorce.

Q: Who is Deena?

A: Deena has a complex family background. She was fathered by an unknown person who dated Jeanette.

Q: How is Morgan Connected with Deena?

A: Deena is actually an adopted child who has been taken by Morgan legally.

Q: What is the reason for adopting Deena?

A: Jeanette did not marry the stranger who fathered Deena. So, to identify Deena, Morgan decided to adopt her as his legal daughter.

Q: Who is the second wife of Morgan?

A: Freeman Morgan married Myrna a second time.

Q: What does Deena Do?

A: Deena is a makeup artist who has no financial status.

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