Lori McCommas- A High-Profile Wife of American Celeb –A Short Bio

Lori McCommas is the ex-wife of Terrence Howard. He is an American actor with extraordinary skills in other domains of music. He is also a producer for film financing. Lori McCommas looks so beautiful, Hollywood actor Terrence Howard fell in love with Lori McCommas because of her lifestyle, dressing sense, and looks. This Hollywood actor dated and married Lori McCommas. He is divorced after legal separation. She is a social media influencer to increase her online visibility. This article gives you a lens to examine his biopic and profile details.

Who Is Lori McCommas?

Lori McCommas is one of the famous wives of the celebrity – Terrence. He is also a songwriter and record producer. She is not directly attached to the movie industry but she lives in the legacy of the entertainment world. 

Biography of Lori McCommas

Full NameLori McCommas
Born DateJune 22, 1969
Age53 years old
Lucky Number8
Lucky StoneMoonstone
Lucky ColorSilver
Best Match for MarriageTaurus, Pisces, Scorpio
ProfessionEx-wife of Terrence
CountryUnited States
Height5 feet 5 inches (1.65m)
Marital StatusDivorced and now single
Break UpTerrence, Steven Winter and Joey Anderton
DivorceTerrence Howard
Net Worth$2 million
Salary$350k to $400k
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorDark Brown
Body Size34-27-35
Birth PlaceNew York City
EducationPratt Institute
KidsHeaven, Hunter, and Aubrey Howard

What Is Lori McCommas’ Identity?

Lori McCommas has a basic identity. She is the proud wife of an American celeb. She was born in 1969, in NYC, USA. Her ethnicity is Caucasian and she is Christian by birth. When she studied at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, she met Terrence whom she dated. 


Lori McCommas has graduated but she has not revealed much about her schooling. After research, experts came to know that she completed her schooling at Henderson High School. 

Lori McCommas Spouse

Lori McCommas spouse is the first wife whose hubby is a renowned actor. Their marriage was not cool due to the family feud. Henderson is rough and tough to torture her. Therefore, the first marriage was unsuccessful. Her nuptial ceremony took place in 1989 and it stayed till 2003. In between, she produced three kids namely Aubrey, Heaven, and Hunter.

Second Marriage

In 2003 Lori and Terrence decided to go to the court for mutual settlement. The divorce papers were ready to allow the couple to live separately. Following the divorce, Lori McCommas has remained clear of tremendous relationships and scandals, allowing her to embrace a more private and non-violent life out of the media highlight. After many years, they were both integrated through reunion. They were married a second time. However, Lori was not able to compromise and she asked for the divorce again. 

About Marital Status of Lori’s Former Husband 

The intimacy transformed into a caustic relationship due to misunderstanding. Lori and Terrence were friends during their studies. Later, their friendship turned into marriage. Terrence is a superstar who saw the rising sun in his career soon. He starred in several top movies and performed well. However, his private life is disturbed. He has a total of five children. He loved several ladies including Lori. Terrence married four times and he became the father of five healthy kids. 

Short-lived Marriage

Terrence Howard is a lucky guy who has four wives. Mira Pak is the fourth partner. They have two children whose names are Qirin Love and Hero. The family history is long. Terrence is also the grandpa of Hazel and Adrian – sons of Aubrey (one of three biological children of Terrence by his first wife). Mira Pak is the third wife of Terrence. However, their martial life was not cool and evergreen. They broke their relationship. The last partner is Miranda Pak. 

Reasons for Divorce 

As a husband, Terrence fails to satisfy his three wives (he wedded Lori two times). The reasons for such painful detachment may be the misdemeanor of Terrence. He is a drunkard with a rough attitude. Describing the tragic incident, Lori said that he was brutal to exploit her. One fine morning, he beat her severely by punching her face with his fist. She registered an FIR with the police station and he was arrested. The incarceration period was a year. 

Why Did She Ask for Separation Second Time?

She settled previous vengeance and trouble with him after her first marriage. She got the legal permit to part with her ex-husband. However again, she visited his home to grow a new relationship after 2005. Then, through the reunion, they were again married to raise their kids. Unfortunately, this time, she tried her best to keep their relationship intact. Alas! The misfortune does not let her go Scot-free. She was tortured brutally. He did not showcase his mercy and leniency. Eventually, she left him to live with her three kids. 

Lori Mccommas Ethnicity

Lori Mccommas ethnicity is that she is Caucasian. She is also Christian and religious-minded. When she found Terrence at the university, she fell in love with him. The dating adventure was forceful and deep enough to unite them together. The latter episodes were not cool as the disturbance and feud spoiled the true ethos of marriage life. 

Lori McCommas Instagram

Lori McCommas-

Lori McCommas Instagram is not unknown to her fans. She appears on her Instagram page to post videos, photos, and short gigs. According to her, she is joyous when she logs in to talk to her friends. Even she uploaded her family album including photos of her kids standing in a row with their parents. 

About Terrence Howard’s Career

The fact is that Terrence Howard is a genuine actor and pop singer. For his celebrity status, Lori gets the exposure on media and Instagram. As an actor, he starred in many top movies like “The Jacksons: An American Dream.” In this movie, he worked with Jacky Jackson – a martial arts expert. His dynamic roles are “Hustle & Flow” and Colonel James Rhodes in Iron Man movie. 

The career of Lori McCommas 

Lori McCommas is not an established bureaucrat or an actress. She emerges as a homemaker who is bound to take care of her husband and kids. She has no other recognition as a celeb. Even there is not much information about her net worth. She is eligible to possess the property of her legal husband as a wife. 

Lori McCommas and Her Boyfriends 

Lori McCommas has surprised her fans by showing her bold beautiful look. She is the star in her neighborhood and social media. Her first romantic tie-up with Terrence was adventurous. Both were students and they couldn’t avoid the romantic appeal. They met each other every day after the college session.

Then, she and her boyfriend took the oath of being lifetime partners legally. The marriage was the turning point for them to start a new glossy conjugal life. After a year or two, she did not get accustomed to him for his barbaric attitude. She divorced him in the long run. 

Other Boyfriends

The story did not end. After the divorce, Lori set her free from the bondage of servitude. She planned to lead her life according to her wishes without obligation. In between, she exchanged her romantic feelings with a young guy named Steven Winter. This love affair was not durable. She again switched her partner to opt for the third one- Joey Anderton.

She seemed to be sandwiched without any outlet of escape from the aversion. Love betrayed her every time she moved to begin a new peaceful lifestyle. The twist is that she looked back to review her previous mistakes. She did not find anyone but her first husband – Terrence Howard for renewal of love. 

Innovative Features of Lori McCommas 

Lori McCommas is a modest-profile lady whose charismatic presentable look mesmerizes dudes. She is an apple and everyone is crazy to catch it. Her beauty is awesome. One of her distinctive features is the dazzling smile to melt down the hardcore man.

She is a heart-throbbing woman whose dark brown eyeball color is unforgettable. Her aristocracy is so attractive that many young guys are wild to accept her as their lover. She is self-reliant and honest to maintain a fair lifestyle after being divorced.


  • Lori was born and reared up in a Jewish family 
  • She followed the norms and principles of Jehovah’s Witnesses scriptures to educate her children
  • Aubrey is the lesbian daughter of Lori
  • Lori remarried Terrence and then again isolated from him


Lori McCommas holds her social status high because she engaged with an American celebrity. She is the mother of three children fathered by Terrence. Her online exposure on Instagram sustains longer due to her connection with the high-profile class. She is a rich woman but she is also a divorcee to struggle for survival. She is 56 and still she gains popularity for her brilliant facial cuteness and modesty. 


Q: Who is Lori McCommas?

A: Lori McCommas is the first wife of Terrence Howard – an American actor and singer.

Q: How many times has Lori McCommas married?

A: Lori McCommas has an interesting marital status as she married Terrence two times. She also dated two smart guys after the first divorce.

Q: How many kids did Lori McCommas raise?

A: She raised three kids who are biological children of Terrence.

Q: What is the profession of Lori McCommas?

A: Lori McCommas is a homemaker. She is proud of being the wife of Terrence Howard.

Q: What is the name of the lesbian daughter of Lori McCommas?

A: Aubrey is the daughter who is transsexual.

Q: What is the education of Lori McCommas?

A: Lori McCommas is a graduate.

Q: Is Lori McCommas married?

A: Right now, Lori McCommas is single.

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