Royal Palm Turkey –Best for Exhibition –Know about the Species in Details

Royal Palm turkey is a beautiful bird that is available in the US. Especially, in Florida, these birds grow with their community members. They are cute and cool. Turkeys are used for breeding. They are fond of mixing with other breeds like English Pied species. Besides, they are also joyous to do matting with Crollwitzer and Ronquieres for producing new breeds. 

Royal Palm turkey is different among turkeys, and not usually raised for their meat. All things being equal, its charm lies in its seamless appearance, making it a versatile setting. Mainly pursued for display purposes, this breed also finds its place in small farmhouses.

What Is Royal Palm Turkey?

Royal Palm turkey is a bird that has salient features to make a different from other species. For example, the milky white turkey is a little bit rare whereas the common Royal Palm turkeys have a black colored backline with the same color tail. The breast is covered with loose feathers in a light black hue. The neckline of this turkey bird is dotted with white patches.

The wattles which are flap skin textures hanging loosely just behind the beak of the bird are designed with red color stripes. The Royal Palk turkey has a 22-pound weighty body to move freely. This tiny turkey is energetic and swift to move. 

Royal Palm Turkey – A Cunning Forager

Royal Palm turkey is a tiny bird that is nice to look at. However, if you like to use this turkey for commercialization, it will not give you much profit. For preparing delicious foods, these turkeys are not suitable. However, the colorful Royal Palm turkey appears majestic at the exhibitions. They are also great foragers or hunters to find the prey for eating. 

Important Facts about Royal Palm Turkeys

  • Royal Palm turkeys are voracious birds that eat a lot of grains compared to chickens. They like to eat food to become more active. 
  • More or less, Royal Palm turkeys are habituated to eat the same food or grains that are given to chickens for eating. They follow the same dietary program for fitness. 
  • Royal Palm turkeys like to take baths for rinsing their dust-covered bodies. 
  • Royal Palm turkeys lay nutritious fresh eggs regularly.
  • A medium-sized Royal Palm turkey weighs 15 pounds approximately. 
  • Well-trained Royal Palm turkeys are sociable and they are comfortable to communicate with humans. They are polite and cool to behave. They are also obedient to masters as the trained poodles show obedience towards masters. 
  • Male turkeys are really attractive with the natural color change. When they are excited and delighted, their skin color changes. The bluish color is exhibited on their faces. However, when they show anger and aggressiveness, their faces are reddened. 
  • The toms or male turkeys have snoods and wattles. The snoods are the protruded hoods or horns sitting on the nose. They use these snood and caruncles for self-defense. Female turkeys have no such prominently visible extended outgrowth resembling horns or caruncles.
  • There are different names to identify the turkeys. Matured turkeys are toms who are also males. The female turkeys are hens. Small birds of this species are Jakes. They are male creatures whereas the female juvenile birds are Jennys. 

Royal Palm Turkey Breeding Information

Royal Palm Turkey

Royal Palm turkey breeding is common but these birds are also colorful with cool temperament. Domestic turkeys are crossbred to produce healthy fowls with prominent snoods and wattles. The white-colored turkeys are crossbred with orange and bronze-colored turkeys to give rise to attractive breeds with salient characteristics.

These birds are also known as designer or ornamental turkeys. They can attract the audience easily by showcasing their physical aesthetic. On an average basis, the toms or male partners are not much weighty say 22 pounds max. Female hens have ultra-thin 12 pounds maximum. 

Royal Palm Turkey for Sale

After being matured, the bird owner decides to choose Royal Palm Turkey for Sale. However, if you accept the trend in the market, the medium-sized male toms are 22 pounds with less fat in the neck. For cooking, the meat of tom is not sufficient to serve. The female hens are smaller than toms. So, ultimately, these designer birds are selected for home décor, shows, and demos. They are kept in the poultry farms for cross-breeding.

Royal Palm Turkey Poults

The history of royal palm turkey poults is interesting. The original breed of this species was optimized by Enoch Carson of Lake Worth in 1920. In Florida, you will come into contact with these handsome birds. Through the fusion of black, bronze, and Narragansett breeds and wild domestic turkeys, this Royal Palm was created.

According to experts, these newly bred Royal Palm birds resemble Pied species. In 1971, the Royal Palm breed got a certificate from the American Poultry Association. Royal palm turkey poults for sale happen on the internet shopping platform. You will get the healthy and bold Royal Palm birds which are not aggressive. 

How Much Roost Space for Royal Palm Turkey?

If it is a male Royal Palm turkey with wide balloon-like breasts, it requires 15-inch roost space for housing. For small female turkeys, the roost space is 12 inches for accommodating the tiny creatures.


Royal Palm turkey is aesthetically pleasing to make anyone happy. Its striking features are also amazing for people who like to raise cross-bred birds. However, these birds are not appropriate for commercial use like meat roasting. They are suitable for your poultry farms to live with fowls. Royal Palms have white colors in collaboration with other colors like metallic black edges on the soft feathers. The soothing blend of white and black patches adds extra glossiness to these foragers.


Q: What is Royal Palm Turkey?

A: The Royal Palm turkey is a cross-bred bird through the fusion of original white and bronze and metallic dark colors.

Q: Where to get Royal Palm turkey?

A: Royal Palm Turkey is mostly available in Florida, USA.

Q: What are the interesting features of Royal Palm Turkey?

A: Royal Palm turkey is modest, cool, and sociable. They are found spending time with humans.

Q: Are Royal Palm turkey birds obedient?

A: Royal Palm turkey is obedient like your poodle.

Q: What are toms?

A: Toms are male Royal Palm turkeys.

Q: Is Royal Palm Turkey best for meat cooking?

A: Royal Palm Turkey has no heavy fleshy body for commercial use at restaurants. These tiny birds are exotic creatures for exhibitions.

Q: Where to buy Royal Palm turkey?

A: The Royal Palm turkey poultry farms and breeding centers sell healthy turkeys in different sizes.

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