Inter Milan vs FC Porto Timeline-Two Heavy-weights for UEFA and European Cup

Inter Milan vs FC Porto timeline is available online to update soccer lovers. From the very beginning, FC Porto and Inter Milan are two heavy-weights to give people raw excitement and fun. Porto represents Portugal’s national team whereas Inter Milan club is located in Italy. These two international soccer teams did not encounter each other every time.

These globally recognized two teams met their rivals in between 1952- 53 to showcase their machismo. Earlier, Porto and Inter Milan soccer teams scarcely played together to win the match. However, Porto and Inter Milan had to go to the field many times between the 1960s to 80s. 

Inter Milan vs FC Porto Timeline- 1960 -80

Inter Milan vs FC Porto timeline is the chronology which indicates the time frame. From 1960 to 1980, this period is remembered by soccer lovers. In 1960, both international soccer teams struggled to have the first Primeira Divisão title. Here, Inter Milan got mileage over Porto. The dominance of the former was much more powerful in defeating rivals. Inter Milan snatched two European Cups from rivals.

The rivalry forced two heavyweights to face each other again in 1965. Porto reached the European Cup semifinal to challenge Inter Milan – hardcore rival. Though Inter Milan got an advantage by finding the way to the final, the Inter Milan vs FC Porto matches was unforgettable. Still, baby boomers recollect the sweet golden memories.

Inter Milan vs FC Porto Timeline- 1990s to 2000s

Inter Milan vs FC Porto timeline ranging from 1990 to 2000 is full of excitement and adventure. These two well-known clubs were getting appreciation for their performances. They were both finalists to reach the last stage. The head-on collision was funny to boost up the soccer fans.

After the entry of José Mourinho to join Porto as a manager to lead the whole football team, the success was not far away from them. From 2003 to 2004, FC Porto won UEFA Cup championships knocking down the Inter Milan soccer team.

This match heated the stadium to make people crazy to watch their favorite football players.  Stick figure symbolism: A powerful tool for communication and expression. Inter Milan has had success in European competitions, including winning the UEFA Cup in the 1990-1991 season and achieving notable victories in other tournaments.

FC Porto vs Inter Milan Timeline (2010 Onwards)

FC Porto vs Inter Milan Timeline includes 2010 and later years till now. The fact is that FC Porto from Portugal is considered to be a competent heavyweight participant. This international soccer team has defeated several world-famous teams at different times. So far as the UEFA Cup matches are concerned, in 2019, FC Porto soccer players worked hard for victory.

Their outstanding performance stunned the audience. They got a passport to enter the quarter-final to face Inter Milan. The showdown was severe leaving no stone unturned for winning in the final. Both team members were determined to have the trophy. Unfortunately, the FC Porto football team failed to hold their sway over Inter Milan. Its opponent went to the semifinal. 

Inter Milan vs FC Porto timeline

Inter Milan vs FC Porto Timeline- Overview

FC Porto and Inter Milan have a close head-to-head record, with Inter prevailing slightly more matches.

Inter Milan Encounters FC Porto

 Dates Season Cup  Round  Match  Result
 23.02.2005 2004/05  CL 1/8 Final  FC Porto – Inter Milan 
 15.03.2005  2004/05 CL  1/8 Final Inter Milan – FC Porto
 19.10.2005  2005/06 CL Group stage FC Porto – Inter Milan 
 01.11.2005 2005/06  CL Group stage Inter Milan – FC Porto

Inter Milan and FC Port fought for winning but they entertained the audience. Therefore, they did not spoil the game by playing defensively. Strikers of both teams were aggressive in launching attacks and counter-attacks to possess the ball. From 2004 to 2005, Inter Milan and FC Port showed their competency. In the UEFA Championship league – round 16, Adriano kicked off by scoring a goal against Porto.

The first goal was made in 20 minutes. It was a high-speed game. Balls were running from here to there without stoppage. However, Deco representing Porto scored by sending the ball into the goalpost to make it a draw.

In the second half, Inter Milan again warmed up to get back by making another goal to have the lead over Porto. Adriano is again the hero to produce the second goal. What a match! Again Porto came back with full-scale confidence to equalize the score. Lisandro Lopez is the man behind the goal equalizing. The final result went in favor of Milan. Christian Vieri took the team to the next phase.

Inter Milan vs FC Porto Timeline-1992-2004

DateCompetitionsSoccer StageVenueFC Porto (FC Porto scored 1-0 on aggregate)
September 14, 1992UEFA Champions LeagueGroup StageSan Siro, MilanInter Milan 2-0 FC Porto
November 24, 1992UEFA Champions LeagueGroup StageEstádio das Antas, PortoFC Porto 1-1 Inter Milan
April 7, 2004UEFA CupQuarter-finalsEstádio das Antas, PortoFC Porto 1-0 Inter Milan
April 21, 2004UEFA CupQuarter-finalsSan Siro, MilanInter Milan 0-0 FC Porto (FC Porto win 1-0 on aggregate)
February 22, 2005UEFA Champions LeagueRound of 16Estádio do Dragão, PortoFC Porto 1-1 Inter Milan
March 8, 2005UEFA Champions LeagueRound of 16San Siro, MilanInter Milan 3-1 FC Porto
September 13, 2005UEFA Champions LeagueGroup StageSan Siro, MilanInter Milan 2-1 FC Porto
October 24, 2005UEFA Champions LeagueGroup StageEstádio do Dragão, PortoFC Porto 1-1 Inter Milan
February 22, 2023UEFA Champions LeagueRound of 16San Siro, MilanInter Milan 1-0 FC Porto
March 9, 2023UEFA Champions LeagueRound of 16Estádio do Dragão, PortoTBC


Bettors are predicting who will win in the future seasons. Inter Milan and FC Porto are planning to change their strategies for better performance. The upcoming soccer season must be more interesting and thrilling.


Q: What was the result of the 2005 UEFA Cup between Inter Milan and Porto?

A: The match ended in a draw 1-1.

Q: What is the result of 2023 UEFA match between Inter Milan and FC Porto?

A: Inter Milan could snatch the trophy by making it 1-0 against Porto.

Q: Which team is far better – Inter Milan or Porto?

A: Inter Milan team has gained ground by scoring well outperforming Porto at different matches.

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