Who Is Malika Andrews Husband? Know about Their Wiki/Career/Height/Dating

Malika Andrews husband name is not publicly confirmed. Malika Andrews began working for ESPN in 2018, expounding on NBA games on the web. She made her introduction as the most youthful sideline journalist for ESPN during the 2020 NBA bubble. Malika Andrews was the youngest and most beautiful journalist.

Malika is a well-known young NBA Today host. She covered several live basketball and soccer tournaments in America. She is also a journalist and content creator. And she is very famous for her authoritative voice to mesmerize the audience.

However, too few guys know about her relationship. She did not reveal the name of her partner who can be her hubby after marriage. The uncertainty looms large with time proceeding. She has not officially announced the date of her engagement. 

Who Is Malika Andrews Husband?

The name of Malika Andrews husband is not revealed by Malika. She likes to remain a commentator and host to entertain the audience. This female journalist has a beautiful profile which is bright. She has told reporters that she has good terms with several guys. Though she is not sure to choose her hubby, the reliable source accelerates the possibility of her involvement with Dave McMenamin.

What Is the Profession of Malika Andrews Husband?

What Is the Profession of Malika Andrews Husband

Malika Andrews husband is also a journalist and he has worked with ESPN since 2009. He is also a blogger and TV host. He lives in Rosemont Pennsylvania. And he is a devoted journalist with high expertise in the domain of sports. He is also an entrepreneur to operate his portable business set-up. Both are friends to share their beautiful moments.

Though there is no official announcement, the online cyber society is spreading rumors about their relationship. If everything runs well, they are true daters to date. The outcome is not clear till now whether they will be married soon or after. 

Short Bio about Malika Andrews

Malika Andrews is a talented maverick sports reporter. Her career began dating back in 2017. She was under the influence of famous NBA sports personalities and reporters. Her advent as an international NBA sports host and content creator is a turning point. She has found her sweetheart while doing her job in the same domain.

Malika was born in 1995. Her birth place is Oakland. In 2022, Malika and Dave appeared in public to spend a few hours at a café. They took coffee and talked to each other intimately. The closeness arouses the feasibility of dating. Jelly Roll is a reputed Southern rapper and traveler.

Malika Andrews is so beautiful and Malika Andrews height is 5’7″.

Malika Andrews Husband Dave Mcmenamin

Malika Andrews husband Dave Mcmenamin is found glittering with pride. During the post-pandemic period, she spent many days with Dave. She needed him during the Catch-22 situation. 2020 is unforgettable for her as she started a new venture with him. The love bloomed for them indicating the arrival of new days bringing the world of opportunity. 

Malika Andrews Husband Name- Any Controversy?

So far as Malika Andrews husband name is concerned, the controversy starts to stimulate the audience. She is very strict and reticent about her personal life. She has never brought her privacy to the daylight. Still, controversial comments are posted on Instagram about her dating venture. Who is Malika’s legal husband? Till now, she is single.

However, she has chalked her plans to select a guy who will be her best partner. Dave is in the front row to claim her as a permanent sweetheart to enjoy conjugal life. The final episode is yet to come disclosing the name of her hubby. Maybe, Dave is the best nominated guy for being husband. Richardson is fighting back to replace Dave. 

Any Other Rival to Compete with Dave 

Malika is not fully sure whether she will be settled with Dave. The news agencies and media caught glimpses of the sparkling engagement ring on her finger. They assume that maybe she has already chosen Dave as a life partner. On the other hand, many fans claim that Richardson is another rival. His affinity with Malika should not be neglected. They visited several events and sat together to have cups of tea. If Dave McMenamin departs, Richardson may take the lead to enter into the life of Malika. Malika Andrews partner is Dave McMenamin.

Instagram Malika Andrews Husband

Instagram Malika Andrews husband is the tagline for the audience to search for their details. Malika is a powerful social media personality and Instagram influencer. She has already gathered 40k views to get a suitable position. On her timeline, you will see daily updates, videos, photos, and short gigs. Dave Mcmenamin Malika is also a good Instagrammer who posts his updates online. She is pleased to grow her sweet relationship with Instagram friends. 

Quick Wiki of Malika Andrews 

  • Malika Andrew joined ESPN in 2018 as a writer to cover NBA sports. 
  • Her first debut as a young NBA writer took place at the 2020 NBA Bubble. 
  • She got recognition from Forbes as a young under-30 journalist/host. 
  • Her zodiac sign is Aquarius 
  • Nationality – American 
  • Parents – Mike and Caren 
  • Ethnicity – Mixed
  • Religion-Judaism 
  • Sexuality – Straight 
  • Height – inches 5’7’’
  • Weight – kilograms 57

Quick Wiki of Dave McMenamin 

  • Age of Dave McMenamin is 41
  • The birth date of Dave McMenamin is 26th October 1982
  • My birthplace is Rosemont which is based in Pennsylvania
  • Religion – Christian
  • Height – 5.9 feet
  • Weight – 75kg 
  • Net worth – $3.5 million 
  • Profession – ESPN sports reporter, blogger, social media influencer and entrepreneur


Malika Andrews husband profiles are visible on top social media sites like Instagram. They have set up their professional careers to earn fame, honor, and money. However, they are also true lovers who have higher ambition to go to the top discarding all barriers. Their life portraitures are examples of those who love sports. Their relationship is also interesting for their fans. They will remain elegant and popular even after retirement from their careers.


Q: Who is Malika Andrews husband?

A: Malika Andrews husband name is Dave McMenamin.

Q: Why is Malika a celeb?

A: Malika Andrews is a sports host and blogger. She is in the spotlight due to her growing intimacy with Dave.

Q: Is Malika a TV host?

A: Malika has a tie-up with NBA Today. She is the host to present NBA programs. She is interested in blogging and gig posting on Instagram.

Q: What is the net worth of Dave?

A: $3.5 million.

Q: Who will marry Malika?

A: It is not officially announced but Malika dates Dave.

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