Features and Benefits of Lucidsound ls31 Wireless Headset

Lucidsound ls31 wireless gaming headset is the best fit for gamers to play their video games on Xbox consoles. Besides, this headset is also suitable for PC, MAC, iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch devices. The reason for the popularity of such a wonderful gaming accessory is the availability of comfort for gamers. They can control the volume, and frequency of sound. The flexibility of the device puts you in a comfortable position when you watch the game. Know about the technical features, benefits, and other aspects of such gaming attachment.

What Is Lucidsound ls31 Wireless Device?

Lucidsound ls31 wireless is an external headphone over the ears. Experience 90 percent noise cancellation to have a clear-cut sound even in crowded areas. Wearing this dynamic headset, feel free to play any complicated HD game on your MAC or Android set. This lightweight device is detachable with flexible ear pads to guard your hearing organs. 

Lucidsound ls31 Wireless-Hassle-free Gaming Attachment 

Lucidsound ls31 wireless is a hi-tech headset that gives you an immediate solution to play role-playing games on the Xbox console. This cross-device compatible headphone has a separate identity. The magnificent audio filtration, 90 percent sound reduction, and durability of this headset impress serious gamers. it is a hassle-free attachment for you to have a transparent sound. Besides, you are at liberty to regulate the chatting sound easily- from low to mid-range down to high-pitched audio. 

Lucidsound ls31 Wireless Gaming Headset

Lucidsound ls31 Wireless

Lucidsound ls31 wireless gaming headset keeps you engaged on your Xbox console round the clock. This assistive tool improves audiometry by giving you an all-clear audio-catching option. Easily, you can hear the suppressed vocal tone, the hissing sound of the running rivulet, and the rattling of the waterfall. You can fold the device when you do not feel it urgent to play video games. 

Lucidsound ls31 Wireless-Easy Device Clamping 

Lucidsound ls31 wireless is not a rigid non-skid system for a gamer. If you have physical discomfort to wear the headset, you can clamp it. The easy user-friendly headphone is a must for any user to put on the attachment quickly. Then, adjust the ears by putting ultra-light pressure to reset the device over the ears. It is so nice headset that you will have no lethargy to handle it. 

No Ear Pinching 

The myth about Lucidsound ls31 wireless gaming headset-wearing is backdated. Wearing this advanced ergonomic headphone over the ears, you will have no pain in the ear lobes. Even after a long gaming session, you will have premium luxurious pleasure. That’s why, professional gamers like to opt for these lightweight headsets. It is designed for only ears and therefore you are protected from ear itchiness, scathing pain, and inflammation. It is the safest hearing device for a gamer. 

Suitable for Live Chatting

During Nintendo gaming, you can chat with your rivals sitting on the other side. It suits different types of ears. For live chatting, you need it because of its awesome voice filtration. The sound is soothing and enjoyable for you. On-demand, reduce the vibration or any harsh water-falling sound to avoid tension. The multidirectional noise reduction feature of Lucidsound ls31 wireless gaming headset is relevant for you to protect your audiometry properly. 

Quick Access Control 

 Just after the plug-in, reset your Lucidsound ls31 wireless gaming headset to have quick access to the gaming expedition. You have the perfect device for easy connection. The large role-playing game on the console does not delay you because you have fantastic headphones for hearing. Switch it on to communicate with other gamers on a live chatting platform. The quick access control system gives you the advantage of activating the gaming session early with superior background sound. 

Easy Maintenance While Traveling 

Lucidsound ls31 wireless gaming headset should be an easy-to-maintain attachment for you. During traveling, often you may have frustration with how to carry the headphones. The bulky device is a burden to shift from one place to another. The curvy elegant arms of the headphones are foldable into a compact shape. You won’t have the problem of putting it into the small compartment of the bag. The tension-free 100-degree inward rotational and adjustable ear cups give you massive relief. While handling the device, you will have no anxiety. 

Minimal Delay to Respond 

Lucidsound ls31 wireless has a low latency mode to control inordinate delay to respond. Watch a movie on your Android, and play a game on your MAC, the sound is accurate via your headphones. It does not hold you back longer after the start of the game. Enjoy any role-playing video game wearing this Lucidsound L 31 headphone attachment. 

Top Features of Lucidsound ls31 Wireless

Lucidsound ls31 wireless is handy for every novice gamer. This usable device has some unique features which make it more popular for next-gen. 

  • The Sound Clarity – The sound that Lucidsound ls31 wireless receives from the main source is clatter-free. No surrounding vibration disturbs you. The sound clarity is enhanced. 
  • Low Power Consumption- The battery life is longer unexpectedly. A single battery charge gives you a non-stop 15-hour-long gaming experience. The device is not affected after the long usage. 
  • Dual Mics – Dual mics offer awesome noise-free sound. The voice coming from the headset seems to be a much clearer cut, with obstruction and transparent bass. Besides, the mic monitoring tool enables you to catch your voice. You can hear your dialogue or speech during the conversation.

Multiple Game Compatibility – Lucidsound ls31 wireless is second to none in terms of 

  • Multiple game compatibility- You can play complicated role-playing games, Nintendo, Overwatch, the world of Warcraft’s Legion, and Fortnight. 
  • Oval leatherette – Oval leatherette pads on the ear cups of the wireless headphones are matchless guaranteeing optimal qualitative sound. 
  • The lightweight construction- The lightweight device with feather touch clamping is undoubtedly a classic headphone for any pro gamer. The unbreakable sound without distortion excites you when you play for victory. 

Different Modes for Easy Voice Control 

  • Left Center Button for game audio mute 
  • Left ring for controlling gaming volume
  • Right ring for chat volume control 
  • Right center button for portable mic mute system 

More Technical Specifications

  • Product Dimensions                        9.45 x 27.17 x 0.98 inches
  • Item Weight                                       1.5 pounds
  • Batteries                                              1 Lithium Polymer batteries

Benefits of Lucidsound ls31 Wireless

Lucidsound ls31 Wireless

Lucidsound ls31 Wireless headsets are rich in all technical specifications. You keep yourself ready for adventure on the Xbox platform. The gaming expeditions are unbelievable to experience. The compactness in the construction of the device is an advantage for you. There are all the features in an organized capsule which is the best tool for you to play video games. Certainly, the look of the headset is charming to make you cheerful. Catch every heartbeat of the demon clearly without using any external mouthpiece or mic. The audio clarity is qualitative.

Lucidsound ls31 Wireless- Personalized Gadget for You 

Lucidsound ls31 Wireless is basically portable and hands-free. That means, it is a personalized device for you to use as you like to do. Wear the headset with mics being open for voice distribution. You get the purified voice that reaches your ears directly without creating chaos. Well, you can also mute the voice during your conversation with neighbors. It is an excellent gadget to entice all gamers. 

Lucidsound ls31 Wireless- 30 Feet Range 

Lucidsound ls31 Wireless is good for you to handle the device whenever you need it. Certainly, the range of the wireless effectiveness is 30 feet. That means, you can 

capture the voice or audio over a distance of 30 feet. So, easily, you can do household work like cooking and cleaning with the headphone. You are not required to detach the headphones. Besides, the voice-controlling buttons are present on the ear cups. So, with your fingertips, reset and regulate the volume. 

Certified by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and (RED)

Many question whether Lucidsound ls31 Wireless device is safe for humans. The metallic version has an anti-shock sealant. The body of the headset is tested and experts certify the device as a safe product for children. 

Even Lucidsound ls31 Wireless has got certificates of no objection from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and (RED). It can work in 2.4 GHz frequency with the least risk. The massive power failure and fluctuation do not damage the headset.

Lucidsound ls31 Wireless Review 

Lucidsound ls31 wireless does not require a cabling system for connection. Wired headphones have tangled masses of cables hanging loosely downward. It is difficult for a busy user to adjust the wired headphone set. Lucidsound ls31 is completely wireless with headbands to give you maximum comfort. 

The reviews about this special product brand give you a précised technical overview. One of the reviewers appreciates the sound quality, technical precision, and flexibility of the device. According to him, it is a great headphone for PS4 and XB1. 

Voice Control

In another review section, the writer gives 9 out of 10 to Lucidsound ls31 wireless headset for its mic monitoring feature, You can minimize your own voice speech sound for proper adjustment. ‘ Apart from that, the sound clarity is high to make it a must for movie watching and game playing. 

QR Code Card with Headphone 

Another good review highlights the QR card for headset configuration. One click to scan this QR code will take you to the video plug-in setup. So, it is not problematic for a newcomer to activate the headphone. Prompt connection enhances the faster access to audio data for you to hear. Multidirectional sound is awe-inspiring with deep brass for you to listen to music. The only minus point is the requirement of the cable for live chatting. It runs to the voice controller via headphones. However, it is not a big issue for an experienced gamer. 

Lucidsound ls31 le Universal Wireless Gaming Headset

Lucidsound LS31 le universal wireless gaming headset is a peerless next-gen audio system for a seasoned game. You get all the top features on a single platform to have fun while chatting live. An Xbox platform is a nice setting for a professional video game player. The précised features of this advanced-level headphone include premium sound clarity, easy game access with control, superior audio filtration, and easy maintainability. Lucidsound LS31 le universal wireless gaming headset is an integrated headphone for every role-playing game


Look at the features at a glance to learn about the bright sides of this user-friendly classic Lucidsound LS31 le universal wireless gaming headset.

High-Fidelity 50mm Speakers: 50 mm speakers are undoubtedly above the expected quality. The sound released from the neodymium drivers is extremely pleasurable to makes you wild in excitement. It agrees on different settings like Xbox and Windows 10 operating systems. 

Uniqueness in Design – This specially designed Lucidsound LS31 le universal wireless gaming headset has eye-catching decoration and color. People have the passion to use this type of ultra-light ergonomic headset. The feather-like memory ear pad foam of Lucidsound LS31 le universal wireless gaming headset is so soft and smooth. 


Accessory TypeHeadset
Battery LifeMaximum 15 Hour
Color    Black
Connection TypeWireless Interface
FeaturesBuilt-In Mic/Rechargeable/Sound Isolating
Model  LS31LE
Range30 ft.
Weight1.78 lb.

More Tech Features 

  • Surround Sound for Xbox One and Windows 10
  • Revolutionary fast device access control system
  • Up to 15-hour rechargeable battery pack for non-stop playing opportunity 
  • Designed for maximum comfort, longevity, and clutter-free sound clarity 
  • Perfect for Switch, mobile gaming, and audio (3.5 cable)

New Update for Consumers 

Lucidsound ls31 le universal wireless gaming headset is an international brand. You can trust it and bring a new headphone of this line-up to your home. However, the color variance may not match the real product exactly resembling the screenshot. Secondly, the voltage issue differs. In the US, the same voltage applies to power this headset. Out of America, it will be a different setting to fluctuate the power. The solution is to arrange a new adapter to fix the problem. 

Lucidsound ls31 le Universal Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Lucidsound ls31 le Universal Wireless Gaming Headset review is posted online. You can check it and learn about the new features. However, you will remember that no pre-owned or renewed product has any warranty service. So, if you buy reconditioned headphones, you need to repair them on demand without free cost.

In another Lucidsound ls31 le Universal Wireless Gaming Headset review, the customer is pleased to give this product line an average rating. The headset is good and it consumes less power.

Negative Feedback

However, another Lucidsound ls31 le Universal Wireless Gaming Headset review confirms that the downside is regarding the little delay in activation after the plug-in process. 


Lucidsound ls31 wireless headsets are standard with a handful of innovative technical specifications. The sound transparency with zero distortion must give you full-scale freedom to hear the voice. There is no interruption in the middle of the music playing.

The hands-free handset is flexible, glossy, and gripe-safe. The foldable headphone has a dual mic with a monitoring feature. Gamers prefer the Lucidsound brand and its product lines. In this connection, you should go through the updated and current Lucidsound ls31 le Universal Wireless Gaming Headset review. You will learn more about the benefits and usability of this brand of headphones.


Q: What is Lucidsound ls31 wireless?

A: Lucidsound ls31 wireless is a multidirectional noise cancellation headset for gaming online.

Q: What are the benefits of using Lucidsound ls31 wireless?

A: Lucidsound ls31 wireless device is a lightweight construction with in-built mics. It purifies the sound for more audio clarity. It is easy to carry.

Q: Is Lucidsound ls31 wireless universal?

A: Lucidsound ls31 wireless is an international headset that can cope with any type of voltage. However, if power fluctuates, feel free to use an adapter.

Q: Is Lucidsound ls31 wireless cross-device compatible?

A: Lucidsound ls31 wireless headset is cross-device compatible with multidirectional noise cancellation.

Q: What are the top features of Lucidsound ls31 wireless?

A: Lucidsound ls31 wireless headset has top features like sound clarity, multidirectional noise reduction, dual mics, and fast configuration.

Q: Where to buy Lucidsound ls31 wireless?

A: Lucidsound ls31 wireless headset is available on top sites like Amazon.

Q: Is Lucidsound ls31 wireless foldable?

A: Lucidsound ls31 wireless has the easy arms clamping and maintenance option.

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